Albany Projects

       ISD was contracted in the amount of $42,000,000

ISD has been contracted by Albany (since its initial phases) for various projects over the years. These projects include:

Water Park – Construction of pools, water slides, artistic rock work, mechanical, hardscape and landscape.

Service Complex Mechanical & Maintenance Buildings – Construction of 50,000 sf of prefab metal building; Installation of Kitchen, Laundry, Fuel Depot, Data, CCTV security system, Chiller plant, Golf course maintenance equipment, Loading dock and supporting facilities for Albany operation.

Reverse Osmosis Plant– Construction of 10,000 sf of prefab metal building & installation of 1 Million gal Ro equipment from VEOLIA.

Marina – Installation of 3,500 feet of sheet pile bulkhead with encapsulation, tie-back system, jetties construction, concrete docks, dredging and hard scape.

Golf Course – Earthworks & Utilities 800,000 CYD of excavation and placement; Golf course drainage; Placement of 220,000 CYD of capping sand; pump house for golf course irrigation.

Roads and Services – clearing & grubbing, cut & fill, installation of sub-base & base, and installation of utilities.


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